The Harsh Reality of Starting A Business

It’s the end-goal for so many people at the moment – owning and running your own successful; business. No boss to tell you what to do, more freedom, doing what you love. And of course working for yourself is great but there are lots of things that nobody tells you about when starting out. Here’s my heads up for all you wannabe entrepreneurs….

  1. It’s Going To Be Hard Work

Owning a business is damn hard work. Sue, it looks all glamourous on Instagram but in reality you’re going to have to not be afraid of getting down and dirty. You’ll need to put in a huge amount of time, energy and money. It’s not something you’re going to reap rewards from immediately and you’ll have to invest a lot of blood, sweat and tears right from the very beginning.

You’ll be working long hours, late nights, early mornings and weekends so be prepared to work harder than you ever have before – but working 80 hours a week for yourself is 1000x more rewarding than working 40 hours for someone else.

Obviously, you are your own boss so I’m not here to tell you how to do things but in my own personal experience you will only succeed if you’re willing to put in the work. Owning a business is not a get-rich quick scheme.

You’ll need to do your research on things like sales, marketing and branding and you’ll probably still get it all wrong! The real learning will come from trial and error, making mistakes, testing things out, failing and trying all over again.

  • Don’t Fall For The Overnight Success Stories

We all know the ones….

“I was left with nothing. Now I’m making 6 figures a month”

“I got fired form my job. Now I earn thousands in passive income every month”

We all love to hear tales of normal people achieving HUGE success because if they can do it they so can we!  The problem I have with these stories is that they always miss out the nitty gritty part where they worked 15 hours a day for 9 months, borrowed from their friends and family, failed miserably several times first, didn’t shower for a week. They make it seem so glamourous and unfortunately so many people fall for it. So when they actually try to do it themselves, they quit before they even get started because they aren’t prepared.

  • Overnight Success Is A Lie

Successful businesses always seem to pop up out of nowhere, entrepreneurs who appear to have had success almost overnight. You might not have heard of these people before they hit the big time, but believe me they were there, in the spare room of their house working goddamn hard for all they’ve achieved. Chances are this has been a dream in the making for the best part of 5 years and all of their hard work is finally paying off.

This is a little to not give up. Keep giving it your all and I promise your persistence will pay off!

  • Keep It Real

No matter what line of businesses you’re starting, chances are you will not automatically make six figures. Of course it’s the dream for most of us and it’s an end-goal to work towards but you’ll need to keep your feet on the ground if you want to be successful.

When I first started blogging I was so disappointed that I was spending all of these hours writing content and designing my site and the recognition was below minimal. We go into it expecting immediate results but most of that time that’s not how it works. Revert back to #1 and #3 and realise that it’s going take hard work and time to create the business of your dreams.

It’s actually beneficial that you start small and gradually build upon your business as it gives you time to tweak things that aren’t working, play around with them and cultivate your next move. You’ll need to make BIG moves if you want that BIG reward.

  • Prepare For The Unexpected

You’ll need to prepare yourself for the worst so as not to feel demotivated when starting your own business. It’s an unpredictable market, especially if you’re blogging, as there’s so much competition.

Working for yourself doesn’t give you a stable source of income like a normal 9-5 would and you need to prepare to have some months where you take losses over profits. I’m pretty sure anyone who runs a successful company will tell you that they had their fair share of downfalls too.

  • Know Why You’re Doing It

This is all about YOU. What do you want from this business? Do you want more time and freedom to spend with your loved ones? Do you want to bury financial stress? Get your work out there and seen?

It’s important to remember the real reasons in starting this journey. Once you have your WHY in focus, it will help you stay on track and consistent with your business goals.

Starting and maintaining a business is damn hard work that will help you grow and evolve not only in work but also in yourself. You just need to focus and understand that it’s not a shortcut to success and freedom. As my mum always used to say: There are no shortcuts to anyplace worth going.

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