Treat Yourself Without Spending Any Money

We live in an era where we just love to treat ourselves no matter what the occasion. Had a busy week at work? Treat yourself. Just broke up with your boyfriend? Treat yourself. Had a bad day? Treat yourself. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with treating yourself, heck I do it more than most, but who’s to say that treats always need to come at a cost? I’ve put together a few tips on how treating yourself can be completely free!

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Sounds a little on the boring side but if you’ve had a tough day in the office or a stressful day In your personal life then instead of forking out on a bottle of wine or a share-size bar of chocolate, why not go home, get a bubble bath and jump into bed for 8pm!? It’s recommended we get 8 hours a day and I’m pretty sure most of us don’t get that so why not treat your body to a good old snooze? I’m sure it’ll think you for it and you’ll wake up the next day feeling refreshed, energized and ready to tackle the world!

DIY Pamper Night

It’s nice to treat ourselves to a pamper every now and then but instead of forking out on an over-priced salon visit, why not dig out those lotions and potions you got for Christmas that have been hiding in at the back of the bathroom cupboard!? Have a night where you pluck your eyebrows, lather yourself in a coconut smelling cream and take some time to paint your nails. It’s actually quite therapeutic once you get the hand of it! Don’t rush through it and take the time to layer on a base coat, middle layer and top coat – and maybe even finish off with some hand cream!

Cash In Your Loyalty Points

If you’re like me, you’ll save your loyalty points up for Christmas or special occasions but if you can’t stop thinking about that new Rimmel Lipstick or body butter then why not use your points balance to treat yourself? Sometimes you deserve a treat just as much as anyone else!

Book-swap With Friends

Do you love curling up with a new book on a Sunday afternoon? Instead of purchasing a new one every week, why not start up a book club with your friends? You could swap books every week or month and that way you’ll get to read something new without having to fund it. I mean, books aren’t expensive these days and you don’t want to be spending £10 every time you want to read something new.

Take A Hike

So you keep seeing your friend post all of these gorgeous scenic shots of their city break and think ‘I want to go somewhere beautiful too’. You’d be surprised where you can find locally that has gorgeous views, even if you live in the city. Why not google walks/hikes near me and see where it takes you!? No need to pay for plane tickets when there’s stunning countryside just a stone’s throw away.

Take Advantage Of Free Trials

Don’t already own a Netflix or Spotify account? Why not sign up to their 30 day free trial and treat yourself to a binge on some drama or documentaries! Spotify is actually a free service (if you have Wi-Fi) but if you sign up to their trial you can listen when you’re not connected and also create favourite playlists! Just be sure to put a date in your diary and remember to cancel before the 30 days is up!

Check Your Local Guide For Free Events

There’s always free things going on if you live in a city so why not see what’s o I your area?! There’s bound to be a free museum, free festivals, free classes and events going on – especially during the summer time when the weather’s good. Gather up your best friends and get going!

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